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“The chef obviously knows his stuff, as not only was the pork moist and succulent, the flavour was exquisite. ”

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The Following Items are used in our Kitchen

Nuts, Dairy, Gluten, Sesame Seed & Shell fish.
We Use Vegetable Oil in the cooking of most dishes.

Every effort has been taken to ensure that no cross contamination of Allergyed food occurs but as these items are used in our Kitchen, some may occur.
Please advise your server at the time of Placing your order


  • Allergy Key

  • D- Dairy
  • SF- Shell Fish
  • G- Gluten
  • N- Nuts
  • SS- Sesame Seeds
  • C- Celery
  • E- Eggs
  • F- Fish
  • L – Lactose
  • M-Mustard

Our Specials vary every day please ask your server for allergy advice.

[trx_title align=”center” color=”#ffffff”]Outside Catering[/trx_title]
You can also have our delicious food at home.
Please contact us for details.
+353 (0)1 841 2612
Phone: +353 (0)1 841 2612
Fax: +353 (0)1 690 3490
Stamullen, Co. Meath, Ireland
Whytes of Stamullen
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